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Edler Lusitano-Hengst mit guten Bewegungen für die Dressur.

Bestes Video der Woche

Edler Lusitano-Hengst mit guten Bewegungen für die Dressur.

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Después de intentar encontrar un caballo PRE aquí en Noruega, empecé a buscar en España. Me puse en contacto con varias empresas, y conocí a un montón de corredores de caballos - algunos más honestos y profesionales que otros. Un par de ellos me recomendaron Antonio e Iberian Horses, ya que estaba buscando un proceso de confianza, con una amplia selección de caballos de calidad - a precios realistas. La respuesta rápida, profesional, pero al mismo tiempo amable, me sentí muy bien. Podía preguntar cualquier cosa en cualquier momento. Comprar un caballo en el extranjero era un proceso muy inseguro y que me daba mucho miedo. Así que esta relación segura entre vendedor y comprador hizo toda la diferencia. Después de varios días de búsqueda, encontré el caballo de mis sueños: Brujo. Todavía no sé pronunciarlo bien, así que le llamamos "Bruno". Mirando atrás a la experiencia no podría haber pedido más. Entendiendo desde el principio las necesidades del cliente, respetando el presupuesto, enviando actualizaciones diarias, calmando e intentando que todo fuera lo más fiable posible, organizando el vetcheck, el mejor transporte, y todo lo necesario para que mi chico llegara a casa sano y salvo .... ¡Estoy eternamente agradecida! Parecía tan sano y feliz. Todos lo estaban. Muchas gracias Antonio y Iberian Horses por darme justo el caballo que estaba buscando.

Sissel y Brujo


Dear Antonio! Thank you for all help i have got from you 💕 You are super! I love my beautiful Carbonero and he is everything i ever dream of. It was a pleasure to do buisness with you and it all went very smooth. My Best Regards and you are the best/ Eva Bogren

Eva and Carbonero


Antonio was incredibly smooth and pleasant to deal with. He was helpful and patient in finding the right horse to suit our requirements. We went through numerous horses to finally find the one we wanted, at a good price. The horse is doing well now in our country. And it is exactly what Antonio mentioned. Antonio helped us with the vet, testing and shipping issues. And we keep a great contact even long after the arrival of the horse. One more thing, with the selection of horses, Antonio mentioned some negative sides of certain horses without me even asking (those were not indicated on the website). That is honest behaviour from a seller. I really appreciate it. Mega

Mega and Dominante


Antonio took care of all the necessary documents and helped me to organise the transportation of my horse! He was a great help in everything and I could trust him from day one! Trisetum is absolutely all and everything I was told and even a lot more Trisetum is trained, beautiful and kindest horse in the world! I’m very happy and forever grateful for my new family member and he will be loved and taken care affectionately!

Alysa and Trisetum


"I bought my two PRE's, the first I have owned through Antonio. He found Italico MG and Juncal AP for me and they are both wonderful horses. They are exactly what I was looking for, good temperaments and good training. Italico MG has already competed at Third Level earlier this year with all scores 64%-66% and good placings. He was super at his first show, a very good show at the new World Equestrian Center in Ocala. Italico MG is on course to show PSG this Fall. I love riding and training him. Juncal AP came to me in March and is doing great. He is a very intelligent and hard working horse trained to GP. I have not shown him yet but expect to this Fall. He is a pleasure to ride every day. I would highly recommend Antonio to anyone looking for an Iberian horse. He has the experience to find what you want and he is an honest person.

Dee Loovers and Itálico – USA

Avalon solo está conmigo un año y hemos vivido tantas aventuras. Gracias Iberian Horses por este maravilloso caballo!!! Todos mis sueños se hacen realidad y disfruto cada segundo con este hermoso caballo!


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the two wonderful horses that you sold me. I am super happy with your service and would always buy a horse from you. I bought my first horse Sereno at your stable, he is just a verry Good horse and have high quality for competitions. I bought my second horse poeta blindly from you and I am more than enthusiastic about its quality and character. Both horses from you are just lovely. I Love them both so much. thank you for these two gold pieces. greetings aline with Sereno and poeta.


I was referred to Antonio Caballero by another equine agent in the Spring of 2015. I was looking for a very specific type of horse for importation into the United States. Antonio was able to find several horses that were worth me looking at. He was very communicative and helpful and we narrowed down my choices through video, photos and lab testing. My visit to Extramedura was very fun and efficient. Antonio was efficient and professional, we looked at horses for a couple of days and decided on a perfect PRE Stallion. The vetting was videoed so my vet in US could see and the the xrays emailed to us very promptly. Antonio facilitated the purchase perfectly, I could not be happier with the professional and personal service afforded to me. I am very happy with the new addition to my barn, the stallion is beautiful and an amazing athlete with a fantastic temprement. I would recommend Antonio to anyone looking for quality Iberian horses.



Hi, I have to say thank you to Antonio and his team, to find the best horse in the world. I was for a weekend in Cacères to see my chosen stallion Jamón IV. The ride on ahead with and without spores was a dream and my try to ride to. Everthing was without pressure and very professional. The hippo-check of a very good vet was perfect and without any findings, what a veterinarian in germany confirmed. I say 1000x thank you for this special horse and the great support at this unforgetable weekend. All horses were great, the stables very maintained and all people cordially. The very best greatings from Franzi & Jamón Image not available Hi, Ich sage ein ganz großes Dankeschön an Antonio und sein Team, wo ich das beste Pferd dieser Welt gefunden habe. Ich war übers Wochenende in Cacères um mein auserwähltes Pferd Jamón IV anzusehen. Das Vorreiten wurde mir mit und ohne Sporen vorgeführt und war traumhaft. Ebenso das Longieren und das Probereiten von mir. Alles geschah ohne Druck und ich durfte alles begutachten und ausprobieren. Jeder war sehr professionell und ruhig, sodass ich mich gut aufgehoben gefühlt habe. Die Ankaufsuntersuchung war ohne Befund, die mir ein Tierarzt aus Deutschland ebenso bestätigte. Ich sage wirklich 1000x Danke für dieses einmalige Pferd und den großartigen Service an diesem unvergesslichen Wochenende. Alle Pferde waren traumhaft, die Stallungen sehr gepflegt und das Team wirklich herzlich nett. Allerbeste Grüße von Franzi & Jamón



Dear Antonio, with a picture of the gorgeous mare, I bought from you last year, I would like to thank you again for the good cooperation. It is always a pleasure to work with you, as I know that you will try your best to find the perfect horse for my customers! But most notably, that I can rely on you and that you run your business very trustworthy and professional (including very good vet-checks, paperwork and transport). I really hope to continue our cooperation in 2016! All the best


I have bought a P.R.E from Antonio, Iberian Horses. The horse is very kind, good character, well ridden and healthy. It all went smoothly. Their horses are beautiful, well mannered and have lovely dispositions. They offers very good services and it is definitely worth a visit going there. I am so happy for my P.R.E and I can safely recommend buying a horse from Iberian Horses. Regards



Meine Erfahrung bei Dir ein Pferd zu kaufen war unkompliziert und sehr gut. Ich wurde von Dir beim Bahnhof abgeholt. Ich konnte vor Ort die Pferde meiner Wahl probereiten. Ich würde jederzeit wieder ein Pferd bei Dir kaufen.

Grüsse Pierre Moor


I have worked successfully together with Antonio for many years now. We have in this years also made a nice and honest friendship. Antonio has always help me find the perfect horses for myself and clients. He helped me find 4 amazing Iberian horses in the past years. Two of this horses I have take up to Grand Prix level dressage and the other two has been successfully sold to students of mine. I trust him to the fullest and he is always present and helpful in all aspect of the horse purchase. I know he will never cheat me or be dishonest with anything. With Antonio is easy and clear. What you see is what you get! I have always been more then happy with the outcome of our teamwork. I'm looking forward for the future, working together with Antonio to finding more diamonds in the ruff!

Michaela Aman


Hallo Antonio, thank you very much for the great time we can spend with you to find my new Dreamhorse. You show us a lot of great horses, good Trainer, Breeder and the beauty of the Extremadura. You made a great service from watching the horeses, organize Vet, Transport and all the thinks around buying horses in Spain. It was perfekt! A big hug!!

Astrid and Uwe


Hallo Antonio Ich würde jederzeit wider über dich ein Pferd Kaufen! Alles klapt perfekt! Ich habe eine Stute und ein Hengst bei dir gekauft, und bin happy mit beiden! die Stute habe ich ab Foto gekauft und nie bereut! Isla hat einen top Charakter und eine sehr gute Abstamung! Sie hat mega schöne Gänge und ist einfach mein Sonnenschein!! Fuego der Hengst ist zum Arbeiten nicht ganz einfach! im Umgang und Charakterlich mein Schatz! Ich würde in niemals hergeben, auch wen er mich Fordert! Wir haben einen Offenstall und drei Meter neben im sind die Stuten! Das ist für in kein problem! Seine Weide ist ein meter neben dem Putzplatz auch kein problem! Normale Zäune auf der Weide er macht nie ein mugs! Ich habe ganz viel Freude an meinen PREs ,die ich durch Antonio gekauftv habe! was ich super finde ich kann im mitteilen was ich suche und er schaut und gibt alles, das ich glücklich werde! Habe auch immer kontakt zu Antonio über whatsapp,und es kommt auch immer eine Antwort das freut mich! Also nicht Pferd verkauft, und jetz möchte ich nichts meh hören! Das finde ich mega!

Gina Österreich


´In january 2016 I bought a 4 years old stallion by Antiono Macias. I didn't went to Spain and just found this horse through the website. There was a fair video of the horse and Antiono has sent me the X-rays. I decided to buy the horse and a week later he came to Belgium. I am very happy with my new horse, he is honest, wel educaded, healthy and has a golden personality! I certainly reccomend this adress to buy a good, healthy spanish horse!!´

Kim Taelman


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