AUCTION OF ALTER REAL, an essential appointment for fans of the Lusitanian Horse

alter real stud farm

Auction of Alter Real.

An inexcusable event for all lovers of the Lusitanian blood.

It is a place with charm, from the ships where the mares are enclosed in the hottest hours of the day, to the training and exhibition tracks where the auction takes place, any visitor can enjoy all day long from different corners where to find a detail to remember.

If you arrive at a good hour in the morning you can see the valuation of stallions that is carried out in one of the indoor riding schools.

Very close to these ships you can find the mares with their foals eating and resting on abundant beds of straw, you can walk among them and caress some of the most docile.

An experience especially to bring the public closer to the docility of our Iberian races.

Later you have room to visit the stables where stallions are stallions as well as a ship dedicated to the exhibition of the specimens that will be auctioned later.

We recommend you to also visit the museum that is located in one of the central courtyards near the bar-restaurant where you can eat a simple but pleasant menu.

We also propose you to see one of the central spaces of the facilities where you can find stone runners that are worth seeing for any fan.

In the entrance courtyard of this magical place, there was also a contest-exhibition of dog breeds, which give variety and make the day enjoyable.

After lunch time you can not miss the main event of the day, the auction of copies, accompanied by various shows, this year the Portuguese School presented us different and colorful High School and Dressage exercises.

Also Maria Caetano with her horse Fenix ​​de Tineo, made us an exhibition of Dressage at the highest level.

The day concludes, if you wait at sunset, with the release of the mares with their foals to the adjacent meadows. It is a spectacle in which the public expects them to pass as if it were a horse race.


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