Cabalcor 2021 presents the XXVI International Morphological Competition “City of Cordoba”.


This year it will be the 26th International PRE Morphological Competition “City of Cordoba”, from the 16th to the 19th of September, at the Cordoba Horse Fair, CABALCOR, located in the Royal Stables.
It is the highlight of one of the most important Morphological Shows with the greatest prospect on the national scene, as 62 of the best stud farms in the country and a total of 131 horses will be exhibited, with 4 cobras of 3 horses.
In addition, Mª Fernanda de la Escalera Stud Farm from Seville and Transportes a Peña de Béjar from Murcia will compete for the Best Breeding Stockbreeder Award, and Angel Cantos García from Albacete for the Best Livestock Exhibitor Award.
With this type of competition, the Pura Raza Española horses will be scored for their sex, age, morphology and also for their functionality.
The specimens of this breed stand out in this field thanks to their genetics, which, together with their aesthetics, are elements that are usually very well cared for.

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