CHIO de Aachen

The Aachen Nations Cup, held from 16 to 19 September, is one of the international competitions par excellence. A total of seven teams fought for the victory: Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, Sweden, Spain, United States and Canada.

Spain had a PRE in the team. The pair formed by José Daniel Martín Dockx and Malagueño LXXXIII, owned by Francisco Santiago, represented our country and the Purebred Spanish Horse in a stellar manner. After the success of his season, Aachen has served to ratify, with averages of 71.717% and 72.787%, that he is one of the great combinations of our country, and that once again we have a PRE at the top of the world dressage.

On the first day of competition (GP) they stood out with precision and elegance in the trot, but the great exercise was the piaffe, where the judges awarded them an 8.5, placing them in twelfth place. On the second day (GPS), the pair shone again in the piaffe, and performed great pirouettes, climbing positions to reach the third position overall; and becoming the best pair of the Spanish team quartet.

Guillermo García Ayala riding Poeta de Susaeta de la Yeguada Susaeta made his debut in this German ring, specifically in the San Jorge-Intermedia I level of the CDI4*. The pair, champion of the National Criterium, has once again demonstrated the great moment in which he is. His international presentation has been remarkable, placing in the top 5 with his fifth position. On both days, he received scores of 9 and several 8’s, which earned him averages of 72.176% (fifth position) and 71.971% (fifth position), respectively.

With their performances, both pairs have made it very clear that the PRE is at the top of the sport, giving us an excellent image of the breed at the Mecca of Dressage.

News provided by ANCCE.

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