YEGUADA VARA-MUÑOZ. Dedicated to preserving the PRE race

pre vara muñoz

Olivenza grazes the mares of one of the oldest and purebred Spanish horse breeds within the breed, the Vara-Muñoz stud.
The antiquity of this stud farm dates back to 1881, the year in which the livestock farm that had already been dedicated to the breeding of beef cattle meat production with the Extremadura breed of retinta, cattle of fight, sheep for the production of meat with the Merino breed and the production of Iberian pigs with bait in montanera to obtain the characteristic and famous hams and sausages of the Extremaduran region, equine cattle of pure Spanish breed are incorporated, with the purpose of being able to contribute to the development of this great breed equine purely Spanish, as it had been doing for generations with sheep, cattle and pigs.
The iron of the FIGURA CORAZÓN cattle ranch is registered in the registration of patents and trademarks in the year 1927 for both agricultural use and for all types of livestock. Currently, all the stud team is working hard to obtain beautiful specimens with functionality and above all with good character.
From this we can attest, since we collaborate closely in the training and dressage of some specimens for sale, and all of them have the common denominator, the beauty and nobility that make them ideal for our market. In addition to always get first positions in morphological contests at major events in the country.
It is a family stud where everyone shares a passion for the Spanish horse and the hope to continue improving the Race.
We recommend you to visit the exceptional spot where your mares graze, foals and fillies, to see directly a breeding process, ideal and worthy of imitation by any breeder who wants to breed solid specimens and with good development.


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