MOLINERO FS MAKES HISTORY, with the highest score of the Spanish dressage team.

molinero fs top dressage spanish horse

The horse of the Yeguada Arroyomonte Molinero FS stud has participated in the World Championship of Young Horses (World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses) where it has marked a milestone for the Spanish dressage, when achieving the highest score in the history of the team Spanish in the World Championship with a 8.20 in the preliminary 5 years and a 8.22 in the final. The World Championship of Young Horses, held in Ermelo (Holland) from August 2 to 5, is the world’s largest gathering of breeders of classic dressage horses, where each country competes with the best specimens of its national breeding of 5, 6 and 7 years. The binomial formed by Molinero FS and his Zamora amazon Alba Abollo, trained by Alberto García-Briñón from Salamanca, shone in both tests that reached 8.3 in the trot, 8.2 in the pass, 8.0 in the gallop, 8.5 in submission and 8.5 in future expectations. For his breeder and owner of the Yeguada Arroyomonte, Fidel Sáez, the The result obtained by Molinero FS in the World Championship is “a recognition of the work of a lifetime in the breeding of Spanish purebred horses, and the confirmation, once again, of our criteria of breeding and selection for which we have always bet on the Yeguada Arroyomonte, with specimens with aptitudes for the sport “. Also, the representative of the Yeguada Arroyomonte has highlighted the work that ANCCE (National Association of Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders) has done after defending the Team for the first time PRE after its agreement reached with the Royal Spanish Horse Federation (RFHE) and ANCADES (Association of Spanish Horse Breeders).


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